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Hello there, seems like you had a great trip and want to let people know about it.

We urge you to follow the instructions given below. So that, you have an ease to write your post. When we receive your post, it will go through our editorial team, hence giving your post a flourish look. But, at first, we would like you to provide your contact details so that, we can let you know when your article is going live.


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  1. Please go through the instructions, whilst writing the post.

  2. Provide your name in the place of "Name of the Writer", if your are the writer.

  3. You can use up to 8 pictures and 2 videos on each article.

  4. You have to upload at least 5 pictures.

  5. Providing a cover image is a must.

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*A catchy title can easily grab the attention of the reader, so we urge you to think about your title

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Write your post here. Please do mention the expenditure of the trip at the ending of your article.

Please do create sections in your article.

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  1. Please do check, if everything has been filled properly.

  2. If we found any problem, we will contact you.

  3. When we post your article, we will notify you.

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