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Tanguar Haor Trip




1N, 2D


Jadukata river, Barikka Tila, Shimul garden, Tackerghat, Shaheed Siraj Lake / Quarry Limestone Lake, Tangua Haor, Lakmachara


House Boat


Day 0: 15th September 2022 (Thursday)

Afternoon journey by bus from Khulna to Dhaka, then after reaching Dhaka, after dinner, journey by night bus to Sunamganj.

Day 1: 16th September 2022 (Friday)

In the morning we will go down to Sunamganj and have breakfast. Our boat will bring us to Sunamganj town so that we can get on the boat from here (it will depend on how much the water rises). We will leave the trawler and go to the watch tower area of the main haor. We will take a bath there and have lunch. After that, we will go to Tekerghat. In the afternoon we will see Shaheed Siraj Lake. Dinner at 9:30. After this, there will be a local song session. (Boats may also depart from Tahirpur depending on the amount of water in Howrah)

Day 2: 17th September 2022 (Saturday)

After breakfast, we will go to Shimul Bagan, then we will go to the magical river. We will swim in the cold stream of the river and eat lunch. Then we will go to Barikka Tila, where the borders of India and Bangladesh meet. We will leave the boat in the afternoon. We will come to Sunamganj city. Then have dinner and return to Dhaka by night bus.

Day 3: 18th September 2022 (Saturday)

In the morning, God willing, we will all return to Dhaka. After that, board the Khulna bus and travel to Khulna. Inshallah, we will be in Khulna before 9 am.

Which should be taken with:

Own NID Card / National Identity Card
Dry food (if you want to take it)
The less stuff you can take, the fewer clothes you can take, and the more comfortable your trip will be
Odoms to ward off mosquitoes
Take a towel to cover your head from the sun
Sunglasses, Hat, Sun Cream (if extra skin conscious)
Necessary medicine
Camera and its extra battery
Power bank and accessories for charging

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