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Sylhet Trip (Ratargul, Bholaganj, Jaflong, Rangpani)




1N, 2D


Bholaganj, Ratargul, Jaflong, Malinichora Tea Garden




Day 0: 13th October (Thursday) 2022

We will leave for Sylhet from Dhaka Sayedabad at 10 pm.

Day 1: 14th October (Friday) 2022

After getting off the bus in the morning, we will check in at the hotel and freshen up, and have breakfast at the famous Panch Bhai restaurant in Sylhet. At 07 am we will leave for Ratargul via Reserve Laguna. On the way to Ratargul, we will take a short walk around the Malinichara tea garden and take pictures. Then we will get on the boat and go around the swamp forest. From Ratargul to Reserve Lagoon we will proceed to Bholaganj Sada Pathar. At noon we will have lunch at any hotel on the road. After reaching Bhola Ganj we will go to Sada Pathar by reserve steamer. Everyone takes bath there. From Bholaganj we will again leave for the hotel in the afternoon to Rizav Lagoon. Come to the hotel, freshen up in everyone's room and take a rest. Then at night we will have dinner at Sylhet's famous Panch Bhai restaurant and visit the shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal (RA).

Day 2: 15th October (Saturday) 2022

After waking up in the morning, everyone packed their bags and put them in a room. We will leave at ten o'clock to Reserve Laguna for Jaflong. On the way to Jaflong, we will visit the Rangpani tourist spot. Then from there reach Jaflong and have lunch. Then we will go to Jaflong's zero point and the magical fountain. Then leave for the hotel from Jaflong. On the way, we will visit Agun Hill and Hazrat Shahparan Shrine. We will go to the hotel and have dinner and leave for Dhaka.

Day 3: 16th October (Sunday) 2022

We will arrive in Dhaka in the morning.

Child Policy:

Children 4 - 10 years will pay 80% of the adult price (will get food, get a seat in the car, stay with parents in the hotel)

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