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Sonang pedang - Krangsuri - Fi fi Fountain Trip




2N, 3D


Dawki Bridge, Jaflong viewpoint, Borehill Falls, Umcrem Falls, Maulinong Village (Cleanest Village in Asia),




Day0: 10th November 2022 (Thursday)

We will start the journey to Sylhet by bus at 10 pm from Fakirapool.

Day1: 11th November 2022 (Friday)

In the morning we will go to Sylhet reserve lagoon and go to the Tamabil border. We will go there and have breakfast and wait for immigration. When the immigration starts at 9 am, we will finish our immigration and leave for India. After completing the immigration, we will go to Maulinong village in a reserve Tata Sumo car.

On the way, we will see Barhill Falls and Umcrem Falls. After lunch at Maulinong Village, we will leave to see the Root Living Bridge. After watching Root Living, we will come to Sonangpedang by car. Here those who will stay in the tent will enter the tent and those who will not stay will stay in the homestay. At night there will be chat and music.

Day2: 12th November 2022 (Saturday)

We will get up in the morning and take a bath in the clear water of Umgat and leave for Krangsuri. The plan is to stay there for the night. But that may change.

Day3: 13th November 2022 (Sunday)

We will wake up in the morning, have breakfast slowly and leave for Dawki. We will come to Dawki Bazar, do some shopping, and finish immigration in the afternoon. We will enter Bangladesh. At night, we will have dinner at Pachabhai restaurant and leave for Dhaka by car.

Day4: 14th November 2022 (Monday)

If everything goes well, InshAllah we will all be in Dhaka in the morning.

Visa-related matters:

To go to Meghalaya you need to get an Indian visa through the Dawki border. We all make this mistake. If your visa is done through another port then we can do dawki port entry.
And we will help those who do not have a visa to get a visa. Everything you need to get your Indian visa is given below.

Whatever you need:

MRP Passport.
If it is old, you must add it, otherwise, it will not be deposited.
3 copies of "2by2" photos. (Along with a soft copy/scanned copy)
3 photocopies of passport (MRP only).
Photocopy of Birth Certificate or National ID Card. (Both if possible) or with which the passport is issued.
Original copy and photocopy of bank statement or endorsement.

Photocopy of ID card if student. Original copy of NOC (No Objection Certificate) and visiting card if employed. Photocopy and original copy of trade license and original visiting card if businessman.
Student hall copy of father's visiting card. (if possible)
Original or photocopy of a utility bill (electricity bill or telephone bill). (Certainly not 3 months old).

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