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Sajek Couple Trip




1N, 2D


Sajek Valley, Risang Jharna, Kanglak Hills, Stone Garden, Helipad, Alutila Cave, Hanging Bridge, Lusai village.


Adibashi Village


Day 0: 29th September 2022 (Thursday)

Departure from Khulna to Dhaka at 5 pm and then reach Dhaka in Sajek's car will start the journey (Syedabad) at 10:30 pm. The following day we will go to Khagrachari.

Day 1: 30th September 2022 (Friday)

After getting down from the car, everyone freshened up at the hotel, had breakfast and got into the moon's car, and went directly to Sajek. After that, the keys to each room at the resort will be explained, then everyone will freshen up in the room, have lunch and slowly leave for Kanglak Hill. After spending the afternoon at Kanglak Hill, we will come to the helipad. Spend the evening at the helipad and come back at night to have a barbecue. Here the chat and barbeque end in his room.

Day 2: 1st October 2022 (Saturday)

You have to get up at 5 am to watch the sunrise. Get ready and go to the park next to the helipad, watch the start of the new day peeking out from behind the towering mountains of Mizoram. From there, we will go to Lusai village, visit the village and come back to the hotel for breakfast. After breakfast, everyone will be ready and checkout from Sajek.

We will get into Chander's car and leave for Khagrachari. We will come to Khagrachari and have lunch first. Then I will see Alutila cave, Tarang, the hanging bridge, and Risang fountain one by one. Then in the evening I will come to Khagrachari and have dinner and get on the bus at 10 pm.

Day 3: 2nd October 2022 (Sunday)

The next morning we will stay in Dhaka, then take the bus to Khulna and reach Khulna by 9 am.

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