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Nafakhum - Amiakhum Tour


Remakri Falls, Boro Pathor, Nafakhum, Amiakhum, Shat Vai Khum, Velakhum, Tindu




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Day 0: 20th January 2022 (Thursday)

Start for Bandarban at 11:00 PM.

Day 1: 21st January 2022 (Friday)
Upon reaching Bandarban, we will board our Chader Gari and start for Thanchi. Having lunch, we will take permission from the military and board our boat for Remakri. From Remakri, we will start hiking towards Nafakhum. After rejoicing Nafakhum, we will start our 5-6hour long hike. We will stay the night at Jina Para.

Day 2: 22nd January 2022 (Saturday)

Waking up early in the morning, we will start for Amiakhum. We will also visit Shat Vai Khum and Velakhum. Then come back to Thuisa Para. We will stay the night at Thuisa Para.

Day 3: 23rd Jannuary 2022 (Sunday)

Waking up early, we will start for Padma Jhiri. After 7-8hours of hiking,  we will reach Padma Jhiri. From Padma Jhiri, we will board our boat back to Thanchi. Then we will have lunch and board our Chader Gari for Bandarban and board our bus for Dhaka at night.

Necessary Things To Carry:

1. Multiple copies of NID(Photocopy) and Passport size picture. (At least 5-6copies)

2. Trekking shoes/sandals. (You will find these in Bandarban or Thanchi)

3. Odomos, Suncream, Sunglass, Gamsa/Cap/Hat, Brush

4. Necessary Medicine

5. Extra batteries for your camera

6. Power bank

NB -

- This is an adventure trip. So you have to prepare for hiking 18-12hours in 3 days.

- You cannot complain about long hikes, local foods and washrooms.

- If you want to stay one extra night then you have to pay BDT500 extra.

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