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Meghalaya Trip




4N, 3D


Umkrom Falls, Borohill Falls, Mawlinong Village, Mawsami Cave, Seven Sister Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, Krangsuri Falls, Laitlum Canyon, Living Root Bridge


Standard Hotel


Day 0: 6th October 2022 (Thursday)

We will leave for the Tamabil border by night coach.

Day 1: 7th October 2022 (Friday)

After reaching the Tamabil border, we will go for immigration after breakfast. After work, we will go to Cherrapunji to see the sights. Will stay there at night. Lunch at Maulilong Village, Dinner at night near the hotel. On this day we will visit Maolilong Village, Borehill Falls, Umkrem Falls, Nauyet View Point, and Living Root Bridge.

Day 2: 8th October 2022 (Saturday)

In the morning we will check out the Cherrapunji hotel and go to Shillong to see the Cherrapunji site. We will stay in Shillong at night. And if everyone has some clothes on this day, we will buy them. Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time. On this day we will see Maosaya Falls, Maoswamai Cave, Seven Sisters Falls, Noakalikai Falls, Wakaba Falls, and Wee Snadong Falls.

Day 3: 9th October 2022 (Sunday)

We will go to the border to see 2 places in Shillong. On the way, we will see Krangsuri Falls and Pe Pe Falls.

Day 4: 10th October 2022 (Monday)

Then we will cross the border and leave for Sylhet. After dinner, we will leave for Dhaka by Bus at night.

We will reach Dhaka very early this day InshaAllah.

However, the situation may be reversed. But they will be in place.
According to the situation, and weather, the original plan may travel earlier or later. But whatever happens, everyone will discuss it. If any additional expenses are required due to natural or local reasons, the additional expenses will be borne equally by all, including the cost of the host.

NB - As this is an international tour, everyone will be requested to make the confirmation within the specified time. And the visa must be issued through Daoki port. If someone does not have a visa and wants to get a visa, you can tell us, we will help. The Visa processing fee is 500tk.

Necessary documents to be carried along:

Passport size photograph (5 copies)
Copy of visa page (5 copies)
Copy of pages 2, and 3 of passport (5 copies)

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