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Meghalaya Trip




3N, 4D


Umkrom Falls, Borohill Falls, Mawlinong Village, Mawsami Cave, Seven Sister Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, Krangsuri Falls, Laitlum Canyon, Living Root Bridge


Standard Hotel


Day 0: 4th August 2022 (Thursday):

We will leave for Sylhet by night car.

Day 1: 5th August 2022 (Friday):

We will go to Dauki Bazaar after completing the Tamabil Immigration Custom Formality. Reserve a taxi or Maruti jeep to UmkremFalls, Borohill Falls (known to us as Panthumai Falls), Nahwet Living Root Bridge, and Mawlinong Village.

Day 2: 6th August 2022 (Saturday):

We will visit Cherrapunji on this day. In the morning, we will take a taxi to Thangkarang Park, Mawsmai Cave,  Mawsmai Eco Park (Seven Sisters Falls Top), Seven Sisters Falls View Point,  Nohkalikai Falls, and Lipateng Falls.
Someone can spend time shopping or watching a movie at night. Shillong is still here at night.

Day 3: 7th August 2022 (Sunday):

After breakfast in the morning, we will reserve a taxi and walk around LaitLum, Umiam Lake (also known as Barapani Lake), Elephant Falls, Don Bosco Museum, and Shillong Peak (now closed Shillong Peak for Bangladeshis) and drive to the hotel. After freshening up at the hotel, we will reserve a taxi and come back to Sonangpedeng.

Day 4: 8th August 2022 (Monday):

We will wake up in the morning and walk around the Umangat river and see the hanging bridge and have breakfast at the cottage. We can also take a boat ride on the river before breakfast. After breakfast, we will reserve a boat from the ghat in front of the cottage and go for a walk upstream. Anyone can do kayaking, or snorkeling (at their own expense). Then we will go around the wonderful Kransuri. We will also have lunch in the vicinity of Nibo Krangsuri (for our own convenience). Then after finishing the tour we will go to Dauki Bazaar from there to the border.

We will enter Bangladesh after completing the formality at the border. From there we will come to Sylhet city, have dinner with five brothers and get on the return bus.

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