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Likyang, Langlok and Shingong Trip Copy




3N, 4D


Kumari Waterfall, Langlok fountain, Shingong fountain, Remakri, Likhiyang




Day 0: 4th October 2022 (Tuesday)

At night we will leave for Alikadam, Bandarban by bus. 

Day 1: 5th October 2022 (Wednesday)

After breakfast, freshen up, go to Thanchi by moon car, finish immigration, go by boat, see Kumari Jharna and Langlok Jharna, go to Remakri and walk to Nafakhum Para, and have dinner at the cottage.

Day 2: 6th October 2022 (Thursday)

After breakfast in the morning, we will walk for 2 hours and see the Shingong fountain and stay in the Remakri area, we will cook and eat by myself at night.

Day 3: 7th October 2022 (Friday)

After breakfast in the morning see Likxiang/Likxyong fountain, come to Remakri by boat, come to Thanchi by moon car, come to Alikadam, have dinner and board the bus.

Day 4: 8th October 2022 (Saturday)

In the morning we will reach the familiar busy city.

What to take?
Do not take anything more than what is written here, or your bag will be heavy. 

T-shirt 1 which you will wear, take 2 with you. 2 pairs of shorts/trousers. Anglet. if you need. Trekking shoes with good quality grip, if not you can order from us. 1 towel. Power bank and cable. Cap, sun-proof/panch/blue polythene. Bag. Minimum 40 liters. 1kg food bag must have empty carrying space. You must carry 1 kg of food, it will be distributed equally to everyone from the group. Water bottles are lightweight plastic. Flashlight. Available to buy for 150taka, which can be charged with a power bank. Those with headlights should take extra batteries. Large polythene, to cover the bag in case of rain. If you have five, you don't need them. Small polythene, to keep wet clothes and food and essentials in polythene. It's raining in the mountains, so keep that in mind. Lighter and cigarettes personal, take what you need, don't go there and ask anyone. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo. Dry foods like Nuts, Raisins, Dates (mostly), Chocolate, Honey, etc. Personalized medicine.
Take 5 photocopies of any NID/Birth Certificate/Student ID/Office ID, otherwise, Bandarban will not allow entry.
Of course, 5 photocopies should be given to us, even if the main copy is not required.

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