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Heaven on Earth Kashmir Travel || Away Tour ||




11N, 12D


Srinagar, Daal Lake, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Shonmarg


Standard Hotel


Day 0: 13th November 2022 (Sunday)

Departure from Dhaka and Chittagong to Benapole by 9/10 pm bus.

Day 1: 14th November 2022 (Monday)

After completing all the immigration work, we will take our ticketed bus to Marquise Street, Kolkata. We will rest in Calcutta as much time as we get today. And will spend the night.

Day 2: 15th November 2022 (Tuesday)

We will spend the whole day in Kolkata. And we will explore the city with the shopping malls of Kolkata. And at 11:45 PM in Himgiri Express (AC-Sleeper) for Jammu. The whole night will be spent on the train.

Day 3: 16th November 2022 (Wednesday)

On this day our whole day will be spent on our train. It is a massive journey of about 36 hours.
But to see the dream Kashmir with your own eyes, you must have patience. But we will make this journey enjoyable in our own way. Overnight stay on the train.

Day 4: 17th November 2022 (Thursday)

Today at 12 noon we will reach Jammu after 36 hour journey. Get off the train, have lunch and leave for Srinagar in a private cab from Jammu. After a journey of 5-6 hours, we will reach the dream city of Srinagar, the main city of Kashmir. And upon reaching the city, we will check in at a cottage next to Dallek.

Day 5: 18th November 2022 (Friday)

(Gulmarg) - After breakfast, we will start our journey to Gulmarg. In Gulmarg, we will go Gondola ride in 1st phase. Through which you can enjoy its entire beauty at a glance. After enjoying the beauty of Gulmarg all day we will return to Srinagar in the evening. Overnight at hotel.

Day 6: 19th November 2022 (Saturday)

(Sonmarg) - After breakfast, we will start our journey to Sonmarg in our reserved cab. Sonmarg itself will meet some unearthly beauty of Kashmir. Here you can reach the main place by horse riding or light trekking. We will visit the sights of Sonmarg all day and return to Srinagar in the evening. Then free time. Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 7: 20th November 2022 (Sunday)

(Pehelgam) - The second phase of the Kashmir trip i.e. Pehelgam campaign will start on this day. We will wake up early in the morning and take a cab directly to Pehelgam, the most attractive place in Kashmir. On this journey of 3-4 hours, we will hopefully reach Pahalgam before noon while enjoying the surrounding scenery. After checking in at the hotel, we will freshen up and go to the Pehalgaon site scene. Today we will see Aru Valley and Betab Valley.

Day 8: 21st November 2022 (Monday)

(Pehelgam) - On this day we will get up after breakfast and explore the rest of the sightseeing places of Pahalgam. Mini Switzerland is a few places. Horseback riding (at own expense) in Mini Switzerland. If you want, you can reach it by trucking on foot. Then come and have lunch. And will rest at the hotel, or wander around as you like. And stay at the hotel at night.

Day 9: 22nd November 2022 (Tuesday)

We will wake up in the morning and leave for Jammu. We will board the train at 8 pm on reaching Jammu. And we will take the train to Kolkata.

Day 10: 23rd November 2022 (Wednesday)

(Jammu - Train) - This day will be spent on the train. We will have a fresh breakfast on the train and enjoy the train journey to see the surroundings. Inside the train, we will reminisce about our tour and share stories. After spending the whole day on the train, we will stay on this train again at night.

Day 11: 24th November 2022 (Thursday)

Today at 3 pm we will reach Kolkata. We will chain in the hotel when we come to Kolkata. In the evening, we will go around the city of Kolkata and do our own shopping. And stay here at night.

Day 12: 25th November 2022 (Friday)

Waking up this morning, we can explore the city of Kolkata for a while if we want. Or if there is any shopping left, we can do that too.
At 11-12 am we will catch a bus from Kolkata to Dhaka/Chittagram. InshAllah we will reach Dhaka and Chittagong the next morning.

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