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Great Lakes of Kashmir Trip




12N, 13D




Stay on share basis in medium quality hotels in Srinagar and Kolkata
Stay in the tent during the trek.


Day 0: 7th July 2022 (Thursday)

Visit Sundarbans Express / Benapole by bus

Day 1: 8th July 2022 (Friday)

Kolkata with Gede / Benapole border. We will stay overnight in Kolkata or take a night plane (Go Air / Indigo or whichever is convenient) to Srinagar.

Day 2: 9th July 2022 (Saturday)

We will be flying from Kolkata to Srinagar. Sonmarg camp site from Srinagar in reserve car. (90 kg) (2375 m)rif.

Day 3: 10th July 2022 (Sunday)

Start trekking. Sonamarg - Shekdur - Nichnai (11 kg) (7/8 hrs) (3500 m)

Day 4: 11th July2022 (Monday)

Nichnai - Nichnai Pass (4000 m) - Vichansar Lake + Campsite (12 km) (7/8 hrs) (360 m)

Day 5: 12th July2022 (Tuesday)

Vishansar Lake - Kisansar Lake - Gadsar Pass (4200 m) - Gadsar Lake - Gadsar Campsite (14 km) (10/11 hrs) (3655 m)

Day 6: 13th July2022 (Wednesday)

Gadsar - Mengen Top - Satsar Twin Lake - Satsar Campsite (9 kg) (7/8 hrs) (3650 m)

Day 7: 14th July2022 (Thursday)

Satsar - Jazz Pass (3950 m) - Gangabal Lake - Gangabal Campsite (11 km) (7/8 hrs) (3500 m)

Day 8: 15th July 2022 (Friday)

Gangabal Area Exploration / Rest (3500 m)

Day 9: 16th July 2022 (Saturday)

Gangabal - Naranag. Trekking completed (15kg) (7/8 hrs) (2280m) - Srinagar by reserve jeep (60kg)

Day 10: 17th July 2022 (Sunday)

We will return to Kolkata again by air from Srinagar. Overnight in Calcutta.

Day 11: 18th July2022 (Monday)

Traveling around Kolkata. Then back to Dhaka night bus.

Day 12: 19th July2022 (Tuesday)

Inshallah we will stay in Dhaka in the morning.

Here are some things you need to know about this tour:


This is a perfect trekking tour, you have to do 8/9 hours of hard trek on the backpack shoulder under the sun every day. For this you need to be physically fit. So do physical exercise for a month before the trek.

It will not be a kind of wishful / comfortable journey

That night we will stay in the lap of the mountain. Tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats will be provided by our agency and they will do all the work of pitching the tent. Carrying tents is all agents' job.

They will carry your bag if you want, but will be charged separately as per day. If you want to offload the bag for the whole trek, it will cost 4 thousand rupees.

 You will get three meals a day which will be cooked and served by the local agent in Srinagar. You may not be accustomed to their food, so it is advisable to keep some dry food in the backpack for yourself.

 There will be toilet tents to respond to the call of nature.

I mean your job is to just leave the rest of the trek to us.

If you haven't walked before or if you have any doubts, you can talk to us, we will give you the highest best suggestion. Help with all camping activities

Accidents of any kind can happen at any time


Please skip this trip, if you think the following types of work may be done by you ...

* Disobeying the team leader

* Complainant type

* Not working for the team

* Not being able to adapt to the situation

* Unable to tolerate prolonged physical stress and pain

* Stay out of sight of front and rear members during the trek

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