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Dhuppani-Muppochara-Gahkata Waterfall Tour




1N, 2D


Dhuppani Waterfall, Muppochhara Waterfall, No-cut fountain, Chadri Dhal, Tree-cut fountain (depends on time)




Day0: 5th August 2022 (Friday)

We will leave Dhaka at night.

Day1: 6th August 2022 (Saturday)

We will take the boat from Kaptai. After reaching Bilaichari we will check in at the hotel. After having lunch we will start the boat journey again. We will go to Dhuppani by trekking by boat.

Day1: 7th August 2022(Sunday)

Early in the morning, we will take the boat to Muppochhara. After completing the Muppochhara trail, we will go to see the trees without taking a break. There will be no lunch on this day. Dry food should be eaten. We will eat and drink when we come back after cutting trees.

Day2: 8th August 2022(Monday)

In the morning we will arrive Dhaka.

Caution first:
In 2 days you have to walk for 7-8 hours almost every day. It is requested to book the event after knowing about your physical ability.
Trekking may be done in the dark of night as well.
Tolerate leech attack. So if anyone has a phobia about it, it is better not to go.
Physically or mentally challenged persons are discouraged from attending this event.

Necessary items:
- Due to the outbreak of Corona, personal precautions are very important. So everyone should carry their own "mask" and "hand sanitizer". And everyone will try to follow proper precautions and safety policies.
- 5 photocopies of the National Identity Card or Passport or Student ID Card must be carried (mandatory).
-Odoms or mosquito repellent cream must be carried.

-Polythene bag (for mobile, camera and wet clothes and for own garbage)
- Bottle of water. You can fill up from the store on the way.
- Dry food such as chips, biscuits, or mango bars to eat during trekking.
-One set of extra clothes to change after getting wet.
- Trekking without trekking sandals is discouraged.
- You can take anklets for extra support on your feet while trekking.
-Pancha or raincoat for protection from the rain.

- Rain cover will be needed so that water does not enter inside the bag.
-A strong and sturdy backpack that is also comfortable to carry.
- Hand sleeves will protect the exposed part of the arm from sunburn.
-You can also keep a jersey and quick dry fabric pants and a t-shirt.

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