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Andharmanik Expedition - 06




5N, 6D


Thankoin Fountain, Palangkhiang fountain, Kratong fountain, Narishya Jhiri, Dark neighborhood
In addition to these, many other interesting places that are not known will be seen in this expedition.


Camping or Jumghor


Caution first:

> It is an off-trail tour. There should be a mentality to deal with all kinds of situations.

> 5 days out of 5 days you have to walk for about 7-8 hours. It is requested to book the event after being aware of your physical ability.

> There will be no exact address of the food market. And no complaint can be made about the quality of the food.

> There will be no sanitary toilet. Any kind of work can be done here.

>Trekking may be done in the dark of night as well.
> Tolerate leech attacks. So if anyone has a phobia about it, it is better not to go.

> You have to carry your own ration. That means you have to carry your required food for 5 days.

>Physically or mentally challenged people are discouraged from joining this event. Only if you consider yourself an advanced-level trekker are you invited to this tour.

>No mobile network. There will be no electricity.

After all, 5 days should be spent in isolation from worldly civilization. It is basically a survival tour. Our event is for those who want to take up the challenge of sustaining their existence for 5 days. If you consider yourself an advanced-level trekker then you are invited to this tour. If you want to see the ultimate limit of your abilities then this tour is for you.

This trip will be an extreme trekking trip, where we have to trek through the mountains of Bandarban and live from a tent for 4 days straight.

NB - You have to be both physically and mentally fit!

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