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Alikadam Circuit Tour W/KBT








Adibashi Village


Day 0: 4th October 2022 (Tuesday)

The bus will leave Dhaka for Alikadam at 9:00 at night.

Day 1: 5th October 2022 (Wednesday)

After getting down to Alikadam in the morning, we will take a boat through Amtala Ghat and leave for the Dochiri market. We will go trekking down there to see the Thankoin waterfall. Then we will watch Kratang 1,2,3 and that night we will stay at Renbukpara, the 2nd night.

Day 2: 6th October 2022 (Thursday)

We will get up the next morning and leave for Palankxiang, see Ladmerag after seeing Palankxiang, then see Jamrum 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and stay at Saklam Para for the 3rd night.

Day 3: 7th October 2022 (Friday)

The next morning we will pass through Tangwe Para, Kristong Pahar, summit, and stay at Khemchong Para for the 4th night.

Day 4: 8th October 2022 (Saturday)

Then in the morning, we will leave to see the magical waterfall Saingpra 1,2 and then come back and stay again in the Khemchong neighborhood for the 5th night.

Day 5: 9th October 2022 (Sunday)

After summiting Rungrang Hill in the morning, we will come to Mankiu Para, from there we will go to Dochiri Bazar and board a boat and return to Alikdam in the evening. At night we will camp on the top of Marayantong, there will be barbeque, chat, and music.

Day 6: 10th October 2022 (Monday)

In the morning we will go to see Damatua Jharna, Bangjiri, Wangpa Jharna, Tangpro Jharna, Mayalek and take the bus to Dhaka at night.

Day 7: 11th October 2022 (Tuesday)

We will reach Dhaka at 6:30 am the next day, inshallah.

What to take:
Do not take anything more than what is written here, or your bag will be heavy.
1. 1 T-shirt that you will wear.
2. 1 group t-shirt will be given.
3. 2 pairs of shorts.
4. 1 pair of trousers. to sleep at night.
5. Anglet. if you need, however, if you take full socks, leeches will catch less.
6. Trekking shoes with good quality grip.
7. 1 towel.
8. mobile Better if the camera is good.
9. Power bank and cable.
10. Cap. To protect from sun and rain.

11. the bag
12. Water bottles are plastic lightweight, 1-liter bottles.
13. Flashlight. Available for purchase for 100 Tk, which can be charged with a power bank. Those with headlights should take extra batteries.
14. Large polythene, to cover the bag in case of rain. Small polythene, to hold wet cloths.
15. Take paper and pen to write summit notes.
16. We will take the flag and knife.

17. Take lighters and cigarettes personally, whatever you need, don't go there and ask anyone.
19. Toothpaste, toothbrush.
20. I will take it.
21. For Dry food we will provide biscuits. Still, you can take dates, almonds, dry grapes, honey, mango bar, and chocolate.
22. Take pain medicine, gas medicine, saline, bandage, and move.
23. Ear pillows and sleeping mats.
If you neglect to take something, you will feel the need for it in the mountains.


Take 5 photocopies of any NID/Birth Certificate/Student ID/Office ID.

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