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Payment Security

Payment made by the User are through the Mobile Banking Services mentioned in the Website as well as in the booking pages. Tripportal, to ensure an individual payment, has Merchant Account of the aforesaid Mobile Banking Services. Tripportal urges User to double check the Transaction ID, obtained after the payment has been made, prior to submitting to Tripportal. Since, Transaction ID is the proof of the transaction of one User with Tripportal. Tripportal, then, matches the Transaction ID to confirm the payment of a particular User. Hence, if you have made the payment but did not submit the Transaction ID, your booking will not be placed and Tripportal will not be liable for any means.

Tripportal, hereby, encourages Users to pay through their personal Mobile Banking Wallet. If a User does not have his/her personal Mobile Banking Wallet then it is admissible to pay through a Mobile Banking Agent, who is known to the user.


If any dispute arises in this regard due to the mistake of Mobile Banking Agent and/or the User, Tripportal will not be liable for any such disputes and/or refund.

After confirming the Transaction ID, representative of Tripportal will let the User know about such confirmation through SMS, voice call and/or internet based calling and/or messaging options. User will also receive a confirmation email right after the booking is confirmed along with all the necessary information and/or vouchers (required in terms of hotel booking, tour package and/or tour initiated by Associate Tour Partners.

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